Roger Sanchez 是风靡全球的DJ大师,音乐风格以House为主。
在这包 House Weaponz 里面,包含了这位DJ大师的绝大多数音色片段,充满了各种各样的节奏。
所有音频文件以 24Bit + 44.1KHZ 录制,有120个合成器循环,63个低音循环,53个打击循环,24个钹循环,23个全鼓循环,17个声乐循环,15个顶部循环,13个fx循环,8个陷阱循环,7个踢循环,5个垫循环,4个鼓填充循环和4个吉他循环。一个 shots 有104个击鼓,61个FX,46个打击乐,29个贝斯,24个合成器和15个人声。

Inside House Weaponz you’ll hear all of the staple pieces of Roger’s sound. The synth work has been treated with maximum care to ensure you have phat and professional sounding melodic tools to draw inspiration from, with guitar loops and vocals working in the same way. Your rhythmic foundations will be rock solid using these kicks, snares, hats, cymbals and percussion, as transience and weight have been put at the forefront of the sound design. Grooving and deep bass can be found in abundance, with all manner of organs, sequences and sub bass riffs keeping you well prepared for low end composition. With included tempos spanning from 100-135bpm, you’ll be covered for house, tech house, downtempo, garage, melodic techno and more!
In detail, expect to find 778 MB of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 120 synth loops, 63 bass loops, 53 percussion loops, 24 cymbal loops, 23 full drum loops, 17 vocal loops, 15 top loops, 13 fx loops, 8 snare loops, 7 kick loops, 5 pad loops, 4 drum fill loops and 4 guitar loops. One-shots are 104 drum hits, 61 FX, 46 percussion hits, 29 bass hits, 24 synth hits and 15 vocals. There are also 63 soft sampler patches for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ.